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Our site, which began in 1969 as a state-run model dairy farm, eventually morphed into an agritourism farm to meet the needs of Taiwan’s surging tourism service industry. In 2021, this mandate brought in a new management group to present a form of recreational tourism that aims to showcase both the locality’s pastural beauty and Daija’s rich cultural activities—with Art, Leisure, Idea, Vogue and Environment as core values--ALIVE Glamping Base is here to share with our visitors great camping fun in luxurious comforts. Situated in Shui-Mei Mountain, with sights over Taichung, mountains to the east and ocean to the west, where day and night each presents a contrasting panoramic--ALIVE Glamping Base basks visitors in gorgeous views like few other camp grounds. The site’s being in close proximity to Daija and its nearby niceties, is additionally a destination conveniently reached by highway and by rail:

   Do’s and Don’ts

1. Please be kind to the flora here, and refrain from littering on site.
2. Please dress for safety, with appropriate attire for the outdoors nature of the site.
3. Please enjoy our camping facilities per their designated areas of usage.
4. Please make use of our designated smoking area when the urge calls.
5. Please keep watch of your own treasured properties.
6. Please consult the service phone line when bringing own pets.
7. Please stay clear of the military bunkers & trenches on site, and refrain from flying drones.
8. Please do not set off fireworks and combustibles of any sort, and always keep watch on outdoor electrical devices in use.
9. Please do register your vehicles prior to entering the camping grounds.
10. Site management reserves the right to serve our customers and to make appropriate adjustments without separate announcement; shall there be any questions, please refer to our posted service agreements.